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The birth of Always On Top

I’ve always found that being in the air was my time to dream and visualise business and personal goals. One of those dreams was to create a high quality, versatile clothing line, sporty enough to allow you to feel comfortable when hitting the gym or pounding the pavements, but cool enough to wear in your free time.

In 2019 on my flight to Miami, I was looking for the USB plug to charge my phone so that I could answer those last-minute messages before take-off. My neighbour came to the rescue, offering me his charger and we spent the rest of the flight chatting.

We had an instant connection as we talked about our lives, work etc. When he asked what I wanted to do next it was a ‘thinking out loud’ kind of moment… Cool sports and casual wear!

A month later, back in the gym, I received a message from the same friend asking me if I preferred black or gold on top (referring to my Centurion Club logo). My reply? “Gold. Always on top!”

Fast forward to January 2019 and the night before my birthday, my doorbell rings about 9pm and he stands there in my door carrying a massive box. We opened it together and inside was a custom-made kettlebell statue for the Centurion Club. Pole in black and the kettlebell in gold with my birthday and a picture on it. Since then, it’s had its own special place in the club lounge and will forever remind me of my friend and how we met.

It was this friendship that really helped the coin to drop, and the name of my clothing line finally became a reality!


But why Always On Top?

It’s a powerful phrase and can be applied to so many areas of our lives. Stay on top of YOUR LIFE, take control, have the courage to live the way YOU want to. It’s something I have always done, even if it’s not the easiest path to walk, the reward of living a fulfilled life is worth it!

  • I coach my clients to visualise and focus the same way I would for my own goals. It goes along with my favourite saying in training ‘Train heavy, Train hard’. If you want to be bigger, better and stronger, you have to stay on top of well-planned workout plans.
  • If you want to improve your training, you must stay on top of your nutrition. Cheat days and poor nutritional choices only cheat yourself. Control yourself. Stay on top.
  • It’s an amazing feeling to feel ‘on top of the world’. Training, becoming stronger, sticking to my plan all gave me the courage, determination, and conviction that I could create my own gym; Centurion Club. I knew I could create my nutrition line, Centurion Club Nutrition https://www.centurionclubnutrition.com which is currently available across Europe, the UK and Switzerland. Through these I knew I could create a place for anyone to get the accountability, support, and tools to reach their goals!

BUT! In order to achieve the things you want and reach those goals you must stay ‘Always On Top’ of your own life and the world you create around you.

There will always be somebody that doesn’t like how you look or what you do. Someone who doesn’t agree with your idea of life. You’ll never be able to please everyone. With this in mind, you may as well take all the power and become the person YOU want to be, living the life YOU want to live.

Always On Top isn’t just a slogan or clothing line. It’s the feeling of being in charge, feeling proud and learning to be happy with who I am, what I do and to have fun with life!

Every time you slip on a piece of my clothing, I want to share that feeling, and remind you that whether you’re training or striving for other goals that you have the mental and physical strength to succeed… all while feeling comfortable in cool sports and street clothes!   




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